The Details Behind...

The Details Behind...

“Live Heavenly” is our inaugural campaign editorial visually built around black women & honoring them through a refreshing yet striking and artistic aesthetic.  
Photographer Jasmine Durhal captured stunningly beautiful black women and the essence behind, “Basking in My Melanin - as beautifully different, free-spirited, daring, angelic like beings.  

 Black female model with freckles posing on a grassy hill wearing EVA feather trim dress by SHOLAYIDÉ

 Black female model posing on a grassy hill wearing EVE feather trim robe by SHOLAYIDÉ


Beautiful black female model with afro hair smiling on a grass hill wearing the Queen Ting embroidery sweatshirt by SHOLAYIDÉ




Photographer: Jass Durhal
Makeup:  Bioanca
Stylist: Stefani
Model: Lauryn
Model: Ayomide
Model: Sisi