Our Story

SHOLAYIDÉ (pronounced [Shaw-Lah-Yee-Day]), is a Nigerian-Yoruba name meaning, “Blessings All Around”.

We are a haute parfumerie and wellness brand centered around uplifting the mind, body and spirit.

We believe that our products have the power to ignite the soul; stimulating emotional and energetic properties from deep within.

We create mesmerizing fragrances made with clean unforgettable and illustrious notes of excellence that celebrate femininity and spirituality.

Our Ingredients

We are an eco-luxe brand with sustainability in mind. Our products are packaged in boxes made of recyclable materials. We're constantly researching, learning, and improving our practices and actively implementing new ideas that can help us make a positive impact.

We thrive on using the best of the best ingredients, respecting the highest safety & quality standards as defined by IFRA. We formulate without phthalates, sulfates, colorants or parabens and avoid animal products.

Our Products Are:

Vegan \ Cruelty-Free \ Paraben-Free \ Phthalates-Free \ Colorant & UV Filter Free \ Ethically Sourced

Our Mantra

LIVE HEAVENLY is the aura behind every product we create, enriched by spiritual influences. This is why our products are not simply something to covet, but something to live and be inspired by.

Our "spiritually-chic" products are sacred and beautiful -- releasing an angelic, alluring and memorable energy for you and others to enjoy.

SHOLAYIDÉ transcends far beyond the typical fragrance brand. It’s a way of being. It's a way of life. It’s that extra day of relaxation needed between Saturday and Sunday. It's a way to be open, to your higher self, to the world, to new feelings of self-empowerment.

Explore our world of scent and wellness and

Live Heavenly.

Our Founder

After the successful growth of JOSÉPHINE, a Glamorously Healthy ® makeup brand, founder Sholayide Otugalu was inspired yet again. Infusing a sensuous and spiritually-chic concept with eco-luxe fragrances & self-care essentials. She traveled to Grasse, France to create something heavenly; marrying the best artisanal, small-batch formulas with the finest French quality and industry standards. This is the commitment Sholayide sought when creating this divine and subtly audacious, eponymous brand.   

Sholayide is a serial beauty and fashion aficionado, whose genuine love for walking in her own spiritual path has guided her to create beautiful endeavors. She is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic and a certified #GIRLBOSS (being the winner of the inaugural GIRLBOSS grant), and everything she creates is made with strong spiritual intuition, elegance, glamour, and heart.

Our Gemstone

Being born in February, the amethyst serves as my birthstone and I have always used this crystal to draw me closer to my higher, spiritual self.  Because of its calming, healing & spiritual properties, I chose to incorporate the amethyst stone, the beneficial properties and royal, high-vibrational purple color, into the brand identity of SHOLAYIDÉ.  

However you decide to incorporate the amethyst stone into your life, know that it can connect with you in the most meaningful way possible.  Whether you want to calm your mind or boost your intuition, the SHOLAYIDÉ brand offers the precious works of amethyst to aid you in your spiritual growth.

With love,


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Our Flower

The Iris flower holds immense beauty and is one of the two February birth flowers of Sholayide.

We admire Irises with vibrant violet hues and we are inspired by their symbolisms: eloquence, faith, wisdom, elegance, royalty; and we've intertwined these characteristics into our brand dna.

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