Sholayidé Debuts Spiritually-Chic Haute Parfumerie

Sholayidé Debuts Spiritually-Chic Haute Parfumerie


SHOLAYIDÉ™, a black-female-owned, eco-luxe haute parfumerie and wellness brand, inspires WOC to Live Heavenly with launch of spiritually-chic fragrances & self-care essentials.


New York, NY, July 30, 2023 --  SHOLAYIDÉ (pronounced [Shaw-Lah-Yee-Day]), announces its highly anticipated launch on August 15, 2023. Available exclusively at, the eco-luxe haute parfumerie inspires WOC to Live Heavenly™ and injects its “big love energy” into the wellness space. 

SHOLAYIDÉ releases mesmerizing fragrances and home aromas, made with unforgettable, illustrious notes of excellence and created to deepen spirituality and increase positive energies.  Launching with the Heaven.Scent collection made of 3 eau de parfums, 3 candles and crystal potpourri – meticulously crafted in the lush valleys of Grasse, France, with natural amethyst crystal adorned bottles and handmade cement vessels – each fragrance tells its own story characterfully while evoking positive energies from deep within.  The fragrance assortment is amplified by the Blessed.Life collection, a curation of self-care items from comfortwear to spiritual journals.

SHOLAYIDÉ is a Nigerian-Yoruba name meaning, “Blessings All Around ''.  The eponymous brand was founded by Sholayide Otugalu, a serial beauty aficionado, certified #GIRLBOSS (being the winner of the inaugural #GIRLBOSS grant) and founder of Glamorously Healthy ® makeup brand, JOSÉPHINE. After its successful growth, she was inspired yet again, to elevate the link between scent and spirituality. Sholayide is the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic and everything she creates is made with strong spiritual intuition, elegance, glamour, and heart.

Live Heavenly™ is the aura behind each product, all enriched with spiritual references. This is why SHOLAYIDÉ products are not simply something to covet, but something to live and be inspired by. Sholayide believes that “our spiritual scents have the power to ignite the soul with its ability to deepen our meditations and improve our subconscious state, enabling us to better progress on our spiritual journey. Perfume is essentially magical because of the power scent has to shift our energy and invoke emotions.”

SHOLAYIDÉ transcends far beyond the typical fragrance brand. It’s a way of being. It's a way of life. It’s that extra day of relaxation needed between Saturday and Sunday. It's a way to be open, to your higher self, to the world, to new feelings of self-empowerment.

Explore our world of scent and wellness, connect with your spiritual self, embrace your divine feminine energy and Live Heavenly.

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