The Scent of Iris

The Scent of Iris

Iris, a beautiful and delicate flower, is a prized ingredient in the world of perfumery, known for its captivating and elegant scent profile. This versatile ingredient adds a unique twist to perfumes, enhancing other notes and creating a complex fragrance profile. Whether adding a powdery, floral touch or enhancing warmer elements, Iris adds a layer of sophistication and mystery to any perfume creation.

The cultivation of Iris plants, particularly in regions like Grasse, France - where SHOLAYIDÉ perfumes are crafted - has been a meticulous art form, ensuring the highest quality of the ingredient for perfumes. One of the most fascinating aspects of Iris is its extraction process. The Iris plant produces a rhizome (or root) and the rhizomes of the Iris plant are carefully harvested and undergo a labor-intensive process to extract the precious essential oil known as Orris Butter. This oil is highly prized for its rarity and depth of aroma and perfumers treasure Orris Butter for its ability to add complexity and refinement to their creations.

In the world of perfumery, Iris contributes a lavish and velvety touch, infusing fragrances with a deep, violet essence. Typically positioned as a middle note, its fragrance blends seamlessly with other floral or spicy notes, resulting in a balanced and intricate scent profile. Iris is a sought-after ingredient in both men's and women's perfumes, enhancing the overall allure of any blend. The enduring appeal of Iris in perfumery lies in its timeless quality, evoking elegance and charm.

Iris adds a layer of sophistication and mystery...

Iris is used in the signature SHOLAYIDÉ eau de parfum, HONORED. This eau de parfum is a modern yet regal interpretation of a traditional floral scent, with added complex and intriguing layers. A delightful combination of rose and pink pepper offers an intensely awakening first impression, whilst delicate Iris is unravelled in the heart. Combined with a sensual backbone of Amber and Caramel, HONORED is an opulent and majestic fragrance that is a true embodiment of royalty.

Another fragrance in our Heaven.Scent collection, showcasing the exquisite essence of Iris, is BLESSED, a scent designed for vibrant spirits. BLESSED combines the radiance and glamour of Iris with the ethereal Lotus flower at the heart, crafting an alluring and irresistible fragrance. This playful and invigorating perfume captures the revitalizing essence of the ocean along with a zesty, refreshing touch of citrus. BLESSED perfume is designed to evoke gratitude for your blessings and the inner radiance that glows within you.